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We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Gen. Oyet

Chief Executive Officer

Oyet Francis Opwonya, — whose nom-de-guerre is Gen. Oyet, formerly Oyet Singh(born November 6, 1997) is a Ugandan Media Proprietor, Author and Motivational Speaker. He is known as founder of  The Xtremewood Press located in the Xtremewood Media Technology Center


Gen. Oyet has ventured in practically every face of the Media industry in front of and behind the scene. He combined his skills to rebuild his career as well as pursuing his own. During this time, And throughout his career, he has achieved notoriety and recognition in his own right within the inside movie, television and the print media circuit as well as prime-time mainstream distribution.

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Racheal Fetaru

Executive Director

CEO of Hope Child Development and Executive Director of Xtremewood Media Technology Center

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Denis Omony

Marketing Director

Denis Omony is a Ugandan Gospel Singer, Composer and Movie Actor who starred in the film: “Born At The Wrong Time” and “My Anna Is Back.”
Omony has also achieved recognition through his Martial Art Techniques, specialized in Taekwondo and was a member of Gulu Taekwondo Club from the year 1998-2008.

He is the marketing director of our tabloid newspaper and leader of Xtremewood Institute Of Film And Television Technology

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Mwaka Emmanuel

IT(Information Technology) Engineer

Mwaka Emmanuel Venish is an IT Engineer and Cable Networker of XTREMEWOOD MEDIA TECHNOLOGY CENTER and Oyet Broadcasting Services.

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