Members of the National Unity Platform have proposed to their president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine to head towards Masaka and camp there as a means to drive security towards the area.

Crispus Mugisha
Barbie Kyagulanyi speaks while her husband looks on.

This comes after the recent stint of insecurity in the area, leading to the death of 25 people at the hands of machete-wielding goons.

For over a month now, goons identifying as bijambiya are waylaying and attacking people, hacking them to death wantonly, and security personnel is yet to explain their way forward on how to mitigate the situation.

However, while speaking on NBS TV’s morning breeze, the NUP spokesperson Joel Ssenyonyi said he had spoken to Bobi Wine with the aim of convincing him to camp in Masaka.

“For me, it’s the laxity of security forces in the country. I was having a chat with Hon. Kyagulanyi that maybe he should go and camp in Masaka for some days, you will see the amount of security deployed,” Ssenyonyi said.

Earlier, Lewis David Lubongoya had expressed the same, wondering why the security would not use the same amount of deployment against Bobi Wine in Masaka.

“If only half the ‘security’ deployed in Greater Masaka during elections was deployed there as the spate of murders escalates, our people would not be dying in this manner. Speaks of the priorities of those who rule over us. As Bobi Wine likes to say, Ugandans are on their own,” he said.

Members of Parliament last week called out the Minister of Internal Affairs and that of security to use the same “enthusiasm deployed in hunting down regime critics” in the Masaka issue.

Indeed, Minister for Security Jim Muhwezi made the assurances to the MPs that the situation will be brought to calm, however, as of yesterday, two more people were hacked to death bringing the number to 25.

The aims of the machete-wielding good are not yet known, and neither is their intention for targeting only the elderly (50 years and above).

Meanwhile, Bobi Wine on his part has said the rampant murders in Masaka are a sign that the regime has failed to provide security to the people.

“It is intriguing that the assailants target the most vulnerable residents, and seem to be only after their victims’ life and nothing else,” Kyagulanyi said in a statement.