The Ministry of Works and Transport has released the procedure to be followed by members of the public, especially the essential workers to apply and get movement stickers, The Xtremewood Reports.

Kenneth Kazibwe

President Museveni on Friday banned private and public transport means as he imposed a total lockdown to help control the spread of the deadly virus.

“The virus doesn’t transport itself but transported by human beings. The virus is not the problem but human beings and their conduct. Therefore, all transport is suspended for 42 days starting today. No movement of public transport, car, boda boda and private boda bodas,”Museveni said.

“This needs to be stopped since and is the cornerstone of the current exponential transmission drive. Only registered tourists’ vehicles will be allowed to move. These should move directly to their destinations and designated places. Emergency vehicles, police and army vehicles, and essential workers vehicles will be allowed to move.”

In a statement released on Sunday, Ugandans will be able to apply for the movement stickers online and that government has the powers to either accept or reject the applications.

“All stickers or permissions issued in the first lockdown are hereby revoked. The Ministry of Works and Transport has developed an online application where details of all persons and vehicles permitted to move during the lockdown shall be populated,” the statement says.

Accordingly, all applications, issuance and enforcement of permissions shall be managed using the online application.


For government officials, Permanent Secretaries and heads of agencies shall be required to submit lists of the 10% staff that they want to receive the movement stickers and this will be done using the online platform.

For the private sector and NGO essential workers, leaders will be required to compile lists for persons and vehicles to move within the Kampala Metropolitan Area and submitted to the Ministry of Works and Transport for verification via the online platform.

“The list(application form) shall include the name, organization, NIN number or passport number, title or designation of the employee, the total number of employees and registration number of the vehicle to be used,” the statement says.

However, according to the Ministry of Works and Transport, the applications will be channeled through the relevant regulators and associations including Uganda Manufacturers Association for industries and factories; Ministry of Health for medical associations and other medical professionals; Uganda Media Centre for media houses; Uganda Bankers’ Association for all financial institutions; UCC for telecom companies and couriers among others.

Diplomatic and UN vehicles

According to government, diplomatic and United Nations officials intending to move will only use vehicles registered under diplomatic number plates and their movements shall only be limited to Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono and Entebbe areas of Kampala Metropolitan Area.

“Travel of diplomats beyond the Kampala Metropolitan Area is not encouraged at this time but in the event that such trips must be done, the concerned diplomatic mission shall notify the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in advance. The occupants of a diplomatic vehicle during any one-way trip will not be more than three persons.”