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The Xtremewood Press (also called Gulu Street Journal) is an independent, privately owned daily English Language newspaper in the Greater North Republic, Gulu-Uganda. It was founded on March 10, 2021.

The paper is located in the Xtremewood Media Technology Center, 22 Upper Churchill Drive.

By Oyet Francis Opwonya, professionally known as General Oyet, formerly Singh

Parent Company

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P.O.Box 612 Gulu, Uganda

XTREMEWOOD MEDIA TECHNOLOGY CENTER is a multipurpose registered business entered under the number 80020002814142 in the index of registration of the Republic of Uganda.

XTREMEWOOD® associates all the media and technology sector in the Northern Region of Uganda.The industry is founded and headed by Oyet Francis Opwonya as the lead president and CEO who heads a team of four other close officials.

Our School


XTREMEWOOD INSTITUTE OF FILM AND TELEVISION TECHNOLOGY is a Christian founded learning Institution coming in service and training purely hands-on practical Courses, ranging from Media to Technology studies. We will operate under XTREMEWOOD MEDIA TECHNOLOGY CENTER®.We’re duly registered and commenced 2020-12-03 under section 13 of the business registration act.We’re promising to offer legal services to our stakeholders and quality education in the Media Industry. 

Target Students.
Our packages shall be suitable for P.7, S.4, S.6 Leavers, University Graduates and school dropouts. We will also offer external training to other companies and organizations.

Executive summary.
XTREMEWOOD® will facilitate a range of broad but interrelated interventions that respond to the Media education and Technology studies in the Northern Region. Northern Uganda has been a vulnerable population right from the time of Holy Spirit Movement of Alice Lakwena then up to Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) outfit who devastated the region. We argue that unattended past traumas are hindering the development of Media and Technology Industry in the Region.To respond to these problems, we propose to facilitate the education sector  by opening a training centre for everyone living in the Region and Countrywide.
Furthermore, the proposed intervention model will aim to support everyone in the region to jump-start their career in the film and television industry, identifying potential trigger points and planning the most appropriate courses of action to undertake afterwards. 

This approach is informed by our theory of change, which is built on the hypothesis that if the region support structures are rejuvenated and students supported to overcome past traumas, and to improve coping and reduce economic hardships then the Northern region will regain their agency, enjoy better social functioning and be able to coexist, exercise tolerance and live in harmony. 

Fees structure.
Tuition fees will be charged at a relatively fare rate, both per semester and short courses, for example. Most of the fees paid in will be used for the institute administration and maintenance.

Estimated growth first year.
By the end of every course, we anticipate releasing over 500 highly experienced media students to enable them benefit from multiple interventions and skills attained from us.


  • Raising a new era generation, to do with a heart for any fate to achieve, pursue, learn to labour, and leave behind footprints on the sand of time.


  • Building a self-reliant future today.


  • Ethical standards.
  • Efficiency.
  • Team work.
  • Integrity.
  • Professionalism.


  • We Fly to Win.

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